About Us

I have always had a need to create something, nurture it and watch it grow. Like many young girls I created potions in the garden with flowers, muddy water and leaves. I thought if I made the right formula I could drink the potion and fly! That never happened unfortunately but I did learn that mixing and playing with ingredients brought me a huge sense of joy. 

My creative nature grew and I went on to study graphic design with photography at university. After graduating I returned home to Cardiff and found it difficult to get a job within the graphic arts. In the meantime I enrolled myself into an aromatherapy course as the happiness from plants remained with me from childhood. I fell in love instantly and went on to work as an aromatherapist for four years.

During 2010 I broke my leg and was unable to work. I was desperate to do something instead of watching daytime TV so I started to research how to make my own cosmetic products. I started with a fairly easy bath bomb formula; two ingredients essentially. I made a few batches, tweaked and started to think if I had a chance of creating a business, a side hustle if you will. Six months later I made the decision to solely pursue the bath bomb life. I was able to combine my two loves: design and formulating. 

My goal remains the same and that is to bring someone a little bit of delight in their ‘me time’. Every product is formulated with so much joy and excitement and I hope you enjoy using our products within your treasured self care time.

Love Charlotte x