10 Lockdown Self Care Tips To Flourish All Year Round

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As the UK has headed in to another national lockdown, though we all know it’s necessary it can still feel unsettling, scary, sad, frustrating and so many other things at once. Though we’ve all done it before now, it’s still far from normal.

Pandemic or not, self care is a non-negotiable in our books. So the Miss P team pulled together to share our best tips on how to feel better right now, but keep flourishing the year through.

1. Repeat Daily Affirmations

When life feels hard, it’s not easy to feel grateful. That’s okay. Affirmations are a perfect replacement for a gratitude practise. Picking a few affirmations to recite to yourself when you wake up in the morning or while you’re boiling the kettle will help you to embody how you really want to feel. These are some of our most used affirmations at the moment:

I am safe, I am loved, I am supported, I am worthy, I am protected

2. Ditch The Scales

Honestly, you just don’t need them. Diet culture seems to be unavoidable at the beginning of the year, wrapped in shame and guilt. You are able to listen to your own body's needs and give it exactly that, be it movement, rest, greens or chocolate. We’re all beautifully unique, so the number on the scale doesn’t represent how healthy or worthy you are. And even if you don’t feel your healthiest right now, be kind. Please don’t punish yourself to change, do it because you love and care for yourself. 

3. Stay In Your Own Lane

Essentially we’re saying that you don’t need to be comparing yourself to that influencer or Kelly from high school. We’re all dealing with Lockdown in our own way and neither is better or worse, it’s just what is right for you. So try to spend a little less time on social media looking at how other people are spending their time and more time looking at what you’re doing - you could be missing some magic!

4. Get Outside 

It’s simple, but getting out of the house and taking some deep breaths of fresh air is a complete must. It re-energises the nervous system, avoids excess energy turning into anxiety, it feels really good (even when you think it wont), gives your mind a new place to wander in, you might even get a smile from a perfect stranger - and that’s always lovely!

5. Prioritise Sleep 

It can feel like you don’t need as much sleep because you don’t feel like you're getting as tired as you once did on the commute, hitting the gym or doing the school run but your body still needs full and restful sleep. If you need some help winding down at night you can read our blog ‘Improve Your Sleep Routine With 5 Simple Steps' for the full details.

6. Wear What Makes You Feel Good

This isn’t just a lockdown thing. Wake up every day and put on what makes you feel the best version of you that day. Sometimes it’s going to be a full face of makeup and accessories, other times it’s going to be leggings and your fave hoodie. Whatever is going to allow you to show up and enjoy the day most is what you should put on. Sequins are always fun though - so try to sneak those in wherever possible for best vibes.

7. Do One Thing Everyday To Bring Yourself Joy

It’s difficult to feel bright and positive all the time through lockdown’s and ever changing news stories, but get into the daily habit of doing one thing to bring you joy - it might just transform how you look back on a week, a month or a year.

We recommend taking a bath or long shower (obvs with Miss P treats to make it extra special), speaking to a friend, getting a take out coffee, listening to a podcast, draw, write, dance, whatever feels good baby!

8. Separate Work, School and Life (as much as you can)

Easier said than done when all three are going on in the same 4 rooms we know. But whilst everything is going on at home, make a point to draw a line under the school/work day. If you combine this with getting outside each day it’ll really help you disconnect from the space and feel refreshed heading back in for the evening of cooking and cuddles.  

9. Nourish Yourself

No, we don’t mean go on a diet. Give your body all of the nutrition it needs, that means vitamins, protein and yes even carbs (they’re not the devil). This is going to keep you feeling balanced and energised. But don’t forget to feed the soul from time to time as well. 

10. Do The Hardest Thing In Your Day First 

This is a top tip to feeling accomplished - no matter how big or small the task is. If you can wake up in the morning and get the hardest thing you need to do that day done first - you’re going to feel proud as heck, not to mention everything else on your list then feeling like a breeze!

If you are going to try any of these self care tips out or have others you think we should have shared, let us know on Instagram.

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